when it comes to Homemade Toffee!

Tiddleywink Toffee has a very thin toffee base, slathered in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and covered in your choice of decadent toppings. Each batch is hand made in single batches with the finest ingredients and hand packaged so you have a gift to give from the heart. It is my hope that you appreciate the time and care given to this special family recipe over the past 50 years to share with your family and friends for years to come. ENJOY!

The name Tiddleywink Toffee was inspired while on a visit to England, traveling through a hamlet of eight cottages known as Tiddleywink. I had an "Ah-Ha" moment and the name was created. Thanks to Mom for making her treasured toffee recipe over the years, I now want to share with you the unforgettable taste I have experienced since childhood and the charm I found on that short drive through Tiddleywink, England.

Tiddleywink Toffee is VERRY busy getting ready for 2015 One of a Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago Dec 3 - 6. Below is a photo from the 2015 show and it was very exciting to be a part of such a tradition in the City of Chicago.



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